Brick City Greenhouse named one of MM&M’s Top 100 Agencies of 2019

New York, NY—July 9, 2019: Brick City Greenhouse is honored to be named one of the Top 100 Agencies of 2019 by Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M). BCG came in at #97 on the list, just 3 short years after partners Fred Kinch, Renée Wills, and Ashley Schofield joined forces.

“It is truly an honor to be recognized as one of the Top 100 Agencies by MM&M,” says Co-founder Renée Wills. “We are incredibly proud of what we are creating here at BCG. It is different in significant ways, and we are proving that you don’t have to stick with the status quo to produce great work. Being recognized by MM&M is the icing on the cake.”

In the July 2019 Top 100 Agency Issue, Larry Dobrow of MM&M wrote, “It’s impossible to quantify word of mouth, but BCG pops up in conversations about up-and-coming agencies far more often than a company of its size usually does.” One of the very obvious things that sets BCG apart from other companies is that it is virtual. As noted by Dobrow on a recent episode of the MM&M podcast, when you work remotely, “there can be a sense of dislocation. They manage with people scattered in a bunch of different locations to put together some tremendous work.”

BCG didn’t begin as a virtual agency, but the partners quickly realized that good talent is not tied to a specific location. As with most things, the partners are fluid and open to change; thus the agency evolved to its current virtual model. As Wills states in the article: “I haven’t seen any limits on what we can do yet. As long as [our employees] are adhering to our schedules and our internal timelines, how they get the work done is up to them.” In addition, the agency has created a flexible work structure, eliminated time sheets, and offers unlimited paid time off. If that weren’t enough, BCG pays for every employee’s healthcare.

The differences between BCG and the typical pharma agency model don’t just benefit employees—they have proven beneficial to clients as well. Founder Fred Kinch explains: “Our goal is to strip away the unnecessary barriers to a productive relationship so clients can get exactly what they desire from their agency without all the baggage that comes with traditional AOR models.” To do this, Brick City Greenhouse started by eliminating the billable-hour model and using a flat project rate. This fundamental change has several advantages for marketers, from greater budget predictability to allowing for more senior-level involvement on their work, to a more nimble, agile approach that isn’t bogged down in “process and bloat.” 

As Schofield states in the MM&M article: “I feel like we’re creating a company people want to be a part of, whether as an employee or client.” Patrick Aldworth, Director, PC Marketing at Horizon Pharma, agrees: “The entire experience is different than any other agency I’ve worked with.”

About Brick City Greenhouse

Brick City Greenhouse is a brand-first healthcare advertising agency designed to bring out the best in the brands we serve and the people who serve them. To learn more about Brick City Greenhouse, visit or contact one of the partners directly:

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